Clogs. They happen. But they don’t HAVE to be frequent.

Most people think that all clogs are the same. Wrong! So wrong… Clogs can happen to anyone at any time, but knowing what kind of clog it is will help you solve your problem and avoid them in the future.

Clogs 101 – How To Prevent Them (and When To Call A Plumber)

Kitchen Clogs

Sometimes your kitchen sink will clog and you don’t know what to do about it. Most of the time kitchen sink clogs are caused by food products – one of the biggest culprits is bacon grease. Remember going to grandma’s house and seeing that small crock on the counter? Chances are it held bacon grease from after Sunday brunch was made. After it was full and solidified it went into the garbage and not the sink. Fixing this type of clog can be done with Roto-Rooter Build Up Remover, which will get to that layered grease and clear your pipes.

When to call a plumber – If your sink is backing up rapidly or something solid is causing it, like bone or a kitchen sponge.


Clogs 101 – How To Prevent Them (and When To Call A Plumber)

Shower/Bath Clogs

Most of the time shower and bath clogs are caused by a combination of hair and soap. Although soap does get you squeaky-clean, it does not always go down the pipes like it should and can quickly build up, catching hair as it does. If you find your drain slow or not going at all, try Roto-Rooter Hair Clog Remover and let it sit until it starts to drain. For extra big clogs you may need to do this twice!

When to call a plumber – If the water doesn’t budge or you get water bubbling up instead of going down.


Clogs 101 – How To Prevent Them (and When To Call A Plumber)

Toilet Clogs

Using Roto-Rooter Septic Treatment in your toilets will definitely help your clog issues here – unless the clog is due to foreign objects. Remember that only waste and toilet paper should be used in toilets, and NOT feminine products or kitchen paper towels. Even if you don’t see a clog right away, these things will not dissolve and start to build up. If you happen to get a toilet clog try Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Remover.

When to call a plumber – when something other than waste or toilet paper is flushed down and causes a clog.


Clogs 101 – How To Prevent Them (and When To Call A Plumber)
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