(these guys totally need a good vacuum like Dyson)

I have 2 cats and a dog. You may have seen them here on the site. Dexter is a Maine Coon. LONG fluffy fur. Constantly grooming himself. Narcissist. He also has his own Instagram account soo…

I also have mostly hardwood floors with some carpets thrown in here and there so I need a good vacuum that will accommodate long haired cats, kids, hard floors and carpet. The only one I could even think of is the Dyson Ball Animal 2.

Dyson has always had a fabulous reputation. Since James Dyson first thought of making a better vacuum back in 1978 when his bag vacuum lost consistently lost suction. I have been there. I have had that problem many many times with other vacuums, even bagless ones. So you can imagine my excitement when I put the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum to the test.

Let’s take my living room. It’s where my long haired mess of a cat likes to be – specifically my rug. I love my rug. I need it there. Not only does it help bring the room together, but it’s soft and fluffy and feels good on my feet. What doesn’t feel or look good is the cat hair that hangs out on it. My cats LOVE to roll all over it and happily sleep there. I looked at the rug last night and thought “I doesn’t look like it really needs vacuuming but what the heck? So I ran the Dyson Ball Animal 2 over it and noticed something right away.

The Dyson grabbed onto that rug tightly. It pulled the fibers up and strongly sucked the teeny tiny hairs that I couldn’t see right out. It was surprising, I felt the power of the motor as it got down to work. Looking at the results I can see the hair and dander it caught – much of which I couldn’t even see it was so deep in my carpet.

The result was kind of shocking. Not only did my carpet that I thought was pretty clean look perfect, but look at the hair I got from it. I am SHOCKED. How do my cats even have fur anymore? But nobody was as shocked as Dexter.

Now let’s talk about attachments. So many awesome attachments… but not too many that you are overwhelmed. The crevice tool has a sliding brush to go from corners to dusting blinds and picture frames. The tangle-free turbine tool removes pet hair from carpets and upholstery without tangling and is better than my last vacuum as a whole. The wand connects, releases, and expands with ease. For someone with high ceilings this is a welcome feature.

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 ALSO goes from hardwood to carpets without losing suction or making any changes. you just keep on vacuuming. I can even vacuum my kitchen. Any my vaulted ceilings, something my old vacuum cleaner could never ever reach.

Dyson products – including the Dyson Ball Animal 2 – can be found at most major retailers like Target and Best Buy, along with Amazon and directly from Dyson. If you have pets I HIGHLY recommend it, I have never come across a better vacuum for the dust balls your fur-babies leave everywhere.

*I was sent the Dyson Ball Animal 2 to review. All opinions are 100% my own.