5 Things You Don’t Need To Call A Plumber For

As a homeowner one of the things I try to avoid is the unnecessary visit from a plumber, which can cost upwards of $100 just for a consultation! Here are 5 common plumbing issues that you can take care of yourself!

1. Running Toilet

So many of us hear that low hum of the toilet running for too long. This is not only annoying, but also wasting water, something you will see reflected on your bill. An easy fix? Remove the top to the water tank and take a look at the chain that connects the lever to the stopper. Chances are it’s just a hair too short and you will be able to drop the chain down a link. No more running toilet!

2. Clogged Shower

I have long hair so my shower drain can get clogged quickly. Instead of paying someone to snake it you can use Roto-Rooter Max which is by far the strongest product out there to take care of the clog. Simply pour the recommended amount into the drain and let it sit for about an hour, then rinse. Your clog will be history.

5 Things You Don’t Need To Call A Plumber For

3. Weak Tap

When you turn the faucet on, does the water trickle out slower than you’d like? Here’s how to fix it – go under the sink and you will find two handles – left is hot and right is cold (usually). Turn them until the water pressure is to your liking. Now why would you call a plumber for that?

4. Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilets are by far the worst thing ever (in my mind anyway!). Make it a little easier by pouring some Roto-Rooter Max into the bowl and letting it sit. When the water level goes down flush it all away. You can also keep those clogs at bay by using Roto-Rooter Septic Treatment which will help keep your septic tank from backing up.

5. Stuck Garbage Disposal

Normally I do not like to mess around with garbage disposals, but if you find that yours just won’t turn on, you can find the little red button on the bottom of the disposal (under the sink) and press it. Chances are that’s the issue, but if not, this would be the time to call a pro!

See that? I just saved you a hundred bucks 🙂

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