A little better…

I am feeling better, thanks in HUGE part to the comments you all have given me :) I didn't know


I don't know if it's the drugs, the bedrest, or what but I am feeling completely overwhelmed right now. I

the rice cakes Updated

That's what Josh calls them... I hope they are getting all nestled in :) I get a report on the

All done

2 beautiful blasts. 5 more might make it to freeze. I'm on Valium so I'm going back to sleep. Photos

Strange or Normal? TMI edition

I am sure this is all about the drugs I am taking (estrace, baby asprin, doxycycline, medrol,prenatal, and PIO shots....

Fertility Report

Just got off the phone whith the embryologist. I was expecting 15 mature and around 12 to fertilize.It's better than

Quick update

All done. I'm so sore right now, but so happy. Dr says he got 20 eggs and I will get
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