Stuck in a fitness and weight loss rut? Summer will do that to a person (I know I have felt it!) I have put together 35 ways to do small or big things that will help you stay healthy, fit, and happy! Add your own ideas in the comments!

Summer Bucket List: 35 Ways To Lose Weight And Stay Fit This Summer

  1. Have scrambled eggs for breakfast instead of that donut.
  2. Use fat-free creamer in your coffee.
  3. Take a daily walk around the block with the dog.
  4. Play with your kids at the park instead of sitting on the sidelines!
  5. Turn the music up and dance in your living room.
  6. Take 10 minutes a day for some exercise.
  7. Have frozen fruit instead of ice cream.
  8. Mow the lawn.
  9. Run up and down stairs for 5 minutes a day.
  10. Trade soda in for iced tea or water.
  11. Plant flowers in the front yard.
  12. Start a weight loss program like Weight Watchers.
  13. Run a 5K like Color Run.
  14. Make Lettuce Wrapped Turkey Burgers instead of regular burgers.
  15. Take the kids to the beach and play.
  16. Walk to the store instead of driving.
  17. Rock out while cleaning the house.
  18. Go on a hike.
  19. Explore your city on foot.
  20. Have a water balloon fight.
  21. Walk every square foot of a neighborhood garage sale.
  22. Use almond milk instead of regular milk.
  23. Build a clubhouse for the kids.
  24. Make better fast food choices.
  25. Join a morning fitness group.
  26. Try Zumba!
  27. Learn a new yoga pose a week.
  28. Go for a run!
  29. Head to the water park.
  30. Have a chicken salad instead of a chicken sandwich.
  31. Weigh yourself every single morning.
  32. Take up a new sport!
  33.  Try this Weight Watchers Meal Plan FREE for 14 days!
  34. Find a free summer concert in your area and dance.
  35. Follow me on my weight loss journey and stay motivated!