The Beguiled is in select theaters June 23 and nationwide June 30, 2017

Elle Fanning, Kirsten Dunst and the rest of the female characters in Sofia Copolla’s The Beguiled play very serious, very suppressed women in 1860’s Civil War Virginia. But just because they had to play tension onscreen didn’t mean they had to keep that tension when the cameras weren’t rolling.

An Interview with Sofia Coppola

Fun Fact: The Beguiled was filmed in the same house that Beyonce’s Lemonade was filmed.

Elle was mad (not really but probably a little) when she found out that the owners of the Louisiana plantation home where The Beguiled was filmed failed to mention the connection with Queen Bey.

SOFIA: We didn’t know there’s a few plantation houses that were real plantations that they allow filming and we didn’t know that Beyoncé had shot there until these guys… They saw the chair.

ELLE: We saw that chair. The little girls. Yeah, they saw the chair and then looked it up and then it was the exact same chair. And then we asked the owners – I was like mad that they didn’t tell us. I was like, “You didn’t tell us that they shot ‘Lemonade’ here?” And they were like, “Oh yeah, yeah, Beyoncé was here.” Like this is a way bigger deal then that you mention it.

Kirsten: Like I bet she didn’t stay where we stayed though. I bet she didn’t stay at the Hamptons Inn.

SOFIA: But we all had to take turns taking photos of being Beyoncé, then switching and being Serena Williams. Everyone got their own little Lemonade.

They also made a Girls Gone Wild video…

While on set the ladies needed some time to unwind and get out of their stressed-out characters of the film. So they made a small second film thanks to Sofia’s iPhone and red solo cups…

KIRSTEN: We did a little Girls Gone Wild. Civil War. Because the craft service table they have plastic cups and a lot of them red Solo cups, which makes it look like…

ELLE: A keger.

KIRSTEN: …these like children are drinking beer or something. But we, Elle and I were like running up flashing our ankle.  It was all like fun.

SOFIA: And Colin (Farrell) was a good sport. We were joking when he was doing like the outdoor gardening, we were taking photos to make a calendar, which I need to find those.

ELLE: We had like a sexy calendar.

SOFIA: Yeah, a sexy calendar.

(Note to Sofia – PLEASE find those photos!)

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