One of my favorite Marvel films is Guardians of the Galaxy and I am SO excited to be attending the red carpet premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in Hollywood! Check back for my full coverage including interviews with the cast! So excited that I decided a cocktail is in order – so enjoy (responsibly) the Star-Lord, which is inspired by Chris Pratt’s character in Guardians of the Galaxy!

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The Star-Lord Cocktail

inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy


Glass Type: Standard rocks glass


  1. Into the blender add ice and pulse until you get ice that resembles slushy ice.
  2. Fill the glass halfway with slushy ice, add 2-ounce of club soda, 1-ounce vodka, and blue curaçao syrup.
  3. Place a large white jawbreaker into the center of the ice.
  4. Fill the glass with slushy ice, level off excess with the edge of a butter knife.
  5. Drizzle strawberry syrup over the top of the ice, and drizzle about a teaspoon of blue curaçao syrup.
  6. Run the edge of the butter knife over the top of the ice again.
  7. Garnish with two or three star-shaped soft chew candies on a cocktail stick.
  8. Serve.

Drink responsibly, and never drink and drive

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