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Moms’ Night Out in Los Angeles With “Tully”!

Moms’ Night Out In Los Angeles With “tully”!
Travel consideration to the “Tully” press event was provided.

It’s been a busy month here at All Mommy Wants! Carol and I have each traveled to Los Angeles in the past week in order to cover some of the best new Spring movies right here on the blog. I was in town to attend a special press event for Tully, the new Diablo Cody film starring Charlize Theron, Mackenzie Davis, Ron Livingston and Mark Duplass.

Since Tully is an ode to motherhood, we kicked off the event with a fun “Moms’ Night Out in LA” featuring Tully-inspired cocktails and treats!

Moms’ Night Out In Los Angeles With “tully”!
Moms’ Night Out In Los Angeles With “tully”!
Moms’ Night Out In Los Angeles With “tully”!

After cocktail hour, we headed to an advance screening of Tully where Charlize Theron, Ron Livingston and Mackenzie Davis made a surprise visit to introduce the film and take a selfie with us! Check out this fun video of the surprise, and see if you can spot me in the audience!

Over the coming week, I’ll be sharing my review of the film as well as my interview with the cast and director, so be sure to watch this space for much more on Tully!

Tully will hit theaters on May 4th – learn more by visiting the official site and following #Tully on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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Thursday 26th of April 2018

[…] Between social media spoilers and over-long trailers that reveal every detail, sometimes it feels like I already know everything about a film before I even get to the theater. In a way, I understand the impulse to do your homework: Going to the movies is an investment of time, and no one wants to get stuck at a film they don’t like. Unfortunately, the cinematic trend towards overexposure and playing it safe often makes me feel like I can see every plot line coming a mile away – which is precisely why I found Tully to be so refreshing. I had the opportunity to attend an advance screening of the film in Los Angeles last week, and Charlize Theron coming out to introduce the movie wasn’t the only surprise the evening held. […]