While in New Orleans last week I visited the weirdest grave ever.

Nestled in the oldest existent cemetery in NOLA –  St. Louis No 1 on Basin Street – is a modern pyramid tomb belonging to star Nicolas Cage.

I know, he’s still alive. 

In 2010 Nicolas Cage bought this plot and had his tomb built for the cost of $61,000. Although he has never said why he wanted to have his eternal resting place at St. Louis No 1 or why a pyramid, it is believed to be because of another famous grave that is almost adjacent – Voodoo Priestess Marie Laveau. Cage owned her home (The Lalaurie Mansion) for 4 years until tax issues caused foreclosure. He has never officially come out with his apparent fascination with Laveau but he’s also a pretty closed off guy so we may never know.

The grave of Marie Laveau and family, St. Louis Cemetery No 1

The pyramid shape could be for National Treasure (arguably his biggest film and definitely my favorite), and some even say it’s because of the Illuminati. I don’t think that he would praise the film in such a manner though – although it’s simplistic, it’s also a bit abstract. In my opinion he would probably be more blatant in the honor.

I like to believe that Cage is a deeply spiritual person and chose a pyramid because of the symbolism and representation of the rays of sunlight. It is also said that being inside a pyramid allows your energy to be balanced and connect deeper to your intuition. Or it could be so he can be buried with his stuff. Or maybe he just likes pyramids.

Whatever the case, it’s his reasons and his alone.


Sidenote – Nicolas Cage’s tomb is inscribed with the words “omnia ab uno,” meaning “Everything from One.”

I need to take a moment to thank Save Our Cemeteries. Their guide really showcased the history of the cemetery and went in depth into the conservation efforts put forth by the non-profit.  They did not sponsor any part of my tour.