Ever open a pandora’s box of sorts – and by that I mean an unorganized closet? You make the mistake of opening that door and instantly you regret it. I have a hall closet that I realized I kind of shoved things into and tried to forget. The problem is that I actually realized I needed that space and needed to make it more usable. I decided I wanted something not only functional but looked great too – like SOFI Home Storage products.

This season, functional SOFI products can organize your closet with unique and cleverly designed product features:

  • The versatile Brix Box™ is easily accessible with pull-out handles and open tops
  • Zipper accents on the Zipper Tote™ allow for quick access to clothes and accessories
  • The Stax Shelf™ makes the most of your vertical space to maximize storage
  • Hex Boxes are perfect for drawers, nightstands and dressers to store jewelry, socks, and other small trinkets that can be easily lost
  • Angled sides on the Rax Bin™ are ideal for at-a-glance access to purses, hats and footwear

SOFI products aren’t those plain plastic bins that fill up my garage – yes, the plastic is GREAT for the garage, in case there’s some flooding my valuables are totally protected. But let’s face it – the plastic bins, although do the job – aren’t exactly pretty. I’m glad that SOFI doesn’t detract from my home decor, so I could use them anywhere, not only in a closet.

I am a bit embarrassed to show you how my closet looked before SOFI, but here goes…

download (9)


download (8)

I KNOW!! It’s bad! Or should I say *was* bad…

Here’s that very same closet with SOFI storage!

download (6)

Looks awesome, right?

I found things in that closet I forgot I had – linens, toys, craft supplies, and kitchen towels. All things I could be using. I even had an extra shelf I never installed. And since I put everything away where it belongs, I have plenty of room for more linens I have in various places on my home. I have great storage and know where everything is now.

One of my favorite pieces is the SOFI Zipper Tote. I love that I can stack things inside and unzip it to find a particular item without disturbing the items inside.

download (7)

 I am so excited to have this hall closet organized I want to organize the rest of my house (then the WORLD!) with SOFI!

Find SOFI on Amazon and get organized! I promise you will love the products so much you’ll want to have them everywhere!


* I received a set of SOFI products in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own.