While in Los Angeles (Thanks Disney!) I got the opportunity to learn a new craft – floral arranging! I took a class and learned some basics – so here’s an easy tutorial on how to make a beautiful bouquet for your home!

Take Christopher Robin home November 6th

Visuals below! Scroll down!

You will need

  • A wide tall vase
  • 4 sprigs of ferns
  • 6 roses (reds/oranges)
  • 3 sprigs of yellow/orange/red chrysanthemums, daisies or similar (flowers that grow in bunches rather than single stems)
  • 2 stems of Israeli Ruscus or similar
  • 1 “hero” flower such as a large chrysanthemum
  • Water
  • floral shears


  • Start by filling your jar about 1/3 up with water.
  • Trim the fern about 1/2 way up the stem of any greenery.
  • Cut the fern ends at an angle and immediately place in water, setting into a cross formation and crossing the stems in the water. The fern should sprawl out of the jar leaving an open spot in the center.
  • Remove all greenery from your roses. Yes, ALL greenery. Be careful of thorns.
  • Trim roses at an angle and place in jar, evenly spread and crossed stems like the ferns. They should be close to the ferns and not too tall, so if they are you will need to trim the stems down a bit more.
  • Remove all greenery from the flower bunches, trim stems at an angle and place between roses. They should sit just above the roses and more in the center.
  • Remove about 2/3 of the greenery from the Israeli Ruscus (starting at the cut end), then cut the stems at an angle and place in jar. They should sit higher than the flowers to add height to the arrangement.
  • Remove greenery from the hero flower and place anywhere you might have a need for it. Should sit similar height to flowers.


  • Cutting stems at an angle will allow the flower to drink water.
  • Placing stem in water within 10 seconds of cutting will prohibit the stem from sealing and your flowers will last longer.
  • NO greenery should be at water level or in water. Ever.
  • Arrangement should 2x taller than the width of the jar/vase for most appeal, but this is art, so feel free to break this rule.
  • Israeli Ruscus can last weeks! You can even remove it and spray paint it for permanent arrangements.
  • This whole tutorial can be done with fake flowers too!