In my years of owning a cell phone I have constantly battled with car chargers. Either they break quickly, don’t work at all, or have the slowest charging speed known to man. So when Zus asked me to review the Zus Dual Car Charger & Car Locator, I was skeptical.

Very skeptical.

I asked what felt like 100 questions about it because I simply didn’t believe that it was going to fit my needs. Boy was I wrong.

The first thing I did was test out the charging capacity of the Zus Charger. I plugged my Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Edge in and expected it to charge like a dying man in the desert trying to reach water. Instead, it zoomed up 10% in a matter of a few minutes. Before I knew it my phone was totally charged up and I wasn’t having to worry about losing my battery life anytime soon.


I also found out that Zus will charge 2 Ipads in less than 4 hours. Super handy when it came to my drive with the family to Seattle last week. The kids were losing battery life on the Ipads so I told them to read for about 20 minutes while I plugged them in and after that the tablets were good for the remainder of the trip. Lifesaver I tell you…


I see the car locator as an added bonus to the Zus technology. It’s not needed but it certainly does help, especially when you are at a busy airport and forgot where you parked (like I did 2 weeks ago!). Follow the arrow on the Zus app and within minutes you can locate your car.

You can find Zus on Amazon, average price is $30 and worth every little penny.  BUT you can also get 10% off straight from their site using code SMM-AKZUSSUMMER16 through March 31, 2016.

I was provided the item reviewed at no charge, however all opinions are my own.