I never used to be a big fan of Sloppy Joe’s, but now? Now, I can’t seem to get enough of them. Seriously. I don’t know WHAT it is, but we eat them at least once a week (plus, you know, leftovers for lunch the next day). They are just SO GOOD.

We like our Sloppy Joe’s a little on the spicy side, so we add in onions and jalapenos. Yum! OK, now I’m craving one! What do you like to add to yours??

Recipe: Sloppy Joe’s

1 bag MorningStar Griller Crumbles
1 can Sloppy Joe sauce
1/2 onion
15 jalapeno slices (we used the jarred jalapenos)

Brown the Griller crumbles in a pan. Add the Sloppy Joe sauce, onion and jalapenos, and cook until hot.

Next time we may use more jalapenos to give it more spice. It was SO yummy, though! As always, if you try out this recipe, leave a comment and let me know what you thought!


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Recipe: Sloppy Joe’s