I love mushrooms, and one of my favorite dishes when I go out to eat is mushroom ravioli. However, it’s pretty hard to find without cheese. Olive Garden makes a good ravioli, but we don’t have one too close to us, and I feel like it’s overpriced for something I could probably make at home.

So, I tried to recreate it, and I think I did a pretty good job. I used wonton wrappers instead of pasta sheets because I couldn’t find the latter at my store. I even went back to look, and my grocery store didn’t have them. I may have to make a trip to a specialty store like Harry’s to see if I can find some there. I think the ravioli would be MUCH better with the pasta sheets.

I sauteed baby portabella mushrooms in oil with garlic salt and black pepper, and then add a few splashes of soy sauce. There’s nothing better to me than mushrooms in soy sauce. I could eat these ALL.DAY.LONG. Seriously.

After the mushrooms were cooked, I pulsed them in my blender (since I don’t have a food processor). I ended up leaving several big chunks, which is how I like the filling. Then, I started filling the wonton wrappers. I didn’t measure out how much filling I used for each wrapper, but it wasn’t much.

Sealing the wrappers was the most difficult for me. I got very frustrated because they didn’t seem to be sealing, but once I let them sit when I moved on to filling the next wrapper, they sealed. The process just seemed very time consuming. Hopefully, the more I do it, the faster I’ll get.

After I sealed them, I would drop three at a time into my pot of boiling water. I would advice sliding them off of a spatula. It seemed to be less “traumatic”, so to speak, and worked well for us. Boil them for 3 minutes.

The raviolis were a little slimy on the bottom, probably because I put them directly onto a plate when I took them out of the water. Next time, I will put them in one layer on a paper towel. Hopefully that will help a bit. All in all, though, they were really good!

1 package baby portabella mushrooms
Garlic salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Soy sauce
1 package wonton wrappers
Spaghetti sauce

1. Saute mushrooms in oil, adding garlic salt and pepper to taste. Add splashes of soy sauce, and continue cooking.
2. Put mushrooms in blender and pulse until desired texture.
3. Spoon filling onto wonton wrapper. Put another wrapper on top, and seal edges with water.
4. Put wontons in boiling water, cooking for 3 minutes. Serve with spaghetti sauce on top.


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