Being a parent of twins I have seen my fair share of kid’s shows. We have favorites and are adding a new fave to the mix – Kazoops on Netflix!

Kazoops is all about a family living in the UK. Monty, the 6 year old star of the show has a best friend named Jimmy Jones and they have all sorts of fun imaginative adventures together. Oh, and Jimmy Jones is a pig. I’ve always wanted a pet pig…


There are all sorts of challenges Monty and Jimmy Jones face. In the pilot episode Monty gets to take the class guinea pig home for the weekend to care for and Jimmy Jones has to figure out how to get along with the new temporary pet. They end up being besties by the end of the 8 minute short. Along with visuals of “cutout animation” (which I LOVE) and Jack Johnson-eque music montages the story flows quietly and sincerely through the conflict and resolution.

My kids were glued to the screen.


Want to see what the hype is all about? Check out the official trailer AND stream every new episode on Netflix RIGHT NOW 🙂 I have to appreciate that the sister Jeanie has purple hair and plays the key-tar. It’s awesome.

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