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Since we got our Elf on The Shelf “D’Arby” I have been annoyed that she isn’t really too posable – I can sit her on a shelf or in something but that’s about it. I decided to make her a poseable elf – that way I can have WAY more fun putting her in some silly situations for the kids to find!

UPDATE – Check out the video with detailed instructions on making your Elf posable!

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Here’s what you need (you can find most at a craft store or Dollar Tree!


  • Elf on the Shelf
  • wire (I used 24 gauge) OR chenille sticks (pipe cleaners)
  • wire cutters
  • needle & thread
  • scissors
  • velcro (non-adhesive)




Snip the stitches at the ends of the hands and feet. You will need about 1/8″ opening. The stitches are tight, so you can use a needle to pull the threads out to make it easier.



Bend the wire into a loop at one end so it doesn’t poke out and acts like a “hand” or “foot”. You may need to double or triple up the wire is it’s easily pliable. You will want it strong, but bendable. If you double it just twist the wires together, triple it you can twist or braid. Trim the wire to thee length of the limb less about 1/8″. If you are using Chenille Sticks you can just bend them in half with a loop at one end.



Feed the wire through the length of the limb. There is rolled up paper as well as stuffing in the limbs so be sure to so it gently so you don’t force the stuffing down – if this happens you will need to pull some stuffing out with tweezers – and it’s a PAIN!



After the wire is completely fed into the limb sew up the end of the hand using tiny stitches so it doesn’t show. If you are doing the hands don’t trim the thread just yet after you are done.


STEP 5 (hands only)

Trim the velcro to fit the hand and stitch it on!

DONE! Now you have a fun Elf on the Shelf who can get into even more trouble!




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