I love Halloween – especially decorating! But I don’t love spending a ton of money on it. I wanted to have a door hanger that was different, a little scary, and above all else inexpensive. I headed to my local Dollar Tree and got inspired!



You will need:

  • 1 foam wreath circle
  • 2 Creepy Cloth packets
  • 1 pack T-pins (I found these in stationary)
  • 1 decor object – it can be skeletons, bones, or maybe a fake hatchet
  • 1 red paint (I got this at Michael’s Crafts for $1, my Dollar Tree was out of them)
  • 1 paint brush

You can also find over the door wreath hangers in the Christmas section if you need one!



Start by pinning one end of a Creepy Cloth to the foam wreath and start wrapping securing the other end with another pin.


With your second piece of Creepy Cloth begin bunching and pinning until you have a basic shape you want. This cloth will not pouf out, so keep that in mind!


Pin your decor on. I used the Skeleton Garland and pinned one skeleton to the wreath, then let two more fall down.


Mix some red paint with a little water and spatter it onto the wreath like blood.

Let dry and hang on your door!