My jewelry is a mess. Most of it just lays on my husband’s dresser because I have several long necklaces, and I haven’t really been able to find anyway to really organize them short of buy an expensive jewelry armoire. I bought a necklace hanger off Amazon a few weeks ago, but a lot of my necklaces still are too long for it.

Then, I had the idea to find some cute doorknobs and use them to hang my necklaces. The wall behind my bedroom door would be the perfect place to hang them because they would be hidden from anyone visiting our house.

So, I bought four knobs at Hobby Lobby to start with, paying about $6 total, and then put the hubby to work drilling holes in the wall and putting the knobs in. Because I don’t drill. And, that’s what husbands are here for, right?! 🙂

Diy: Necklace Hanger

My husband is always happy to help, and in just a few minutes, this is what we had:

Diy: Necklace Hanger

I love it. It’s exactly what I needed! I need to do a few more rows and really start cleaning up my jewelry collection!