I am a big fan of homemade gifts. I love making gifts for other people (which is much easier now that we have a munchkin!), and I think they appreciate it more than something I just went to the store and bought. I feel like it shows more thought.

One year for my grandmother-in-law’s birthday, I wasn’t sure what to get her (I never really am because, really, what do grandmothers need??), so I made her a picture frame to put a picture of me and Joe in. I really didn’t want to get a super plain frame, nor did I want to spend a ton on one (because they can be expensive!).

It was really easy to do. I bought a plain, wooden frame at Hobby Lobby, and used some scrapbook paper and embellishments I had on hand. I used my Cricut to cut out the word “Nana” and then placed embellishments in even spots.

I thought it turned out really pretty — much nicer than just buying her a plain ‘ole wooden frame. And, more importantly, Nana LOVED it. I may do this again this year for Lucy’s grandparents!