The Jack Skellington Cocktail (Nightmare Before Christmas)

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One of my absolute favorite times of the year is HALLOWEEN. Second favorite? Christmas! One thing that ties both of these holidays together is Nightmare Before Christmas, which is now a classic for the young and old. I love Jack Skellington so much that I made a cocktail in his likeness – black & white with a dash of Christmas in the peppermint stick!

Jack Skellington Cocktail

  • 1 1/2 oz black rum
  • 3/4 oz crème de cacao
  • 1cup ice
  • 1 drop Black food color
  • 3 tbsp. of marshmallow fluff
  • 1 peppermint stick for each glass as garnish
  • Add black rum, crème de cacao, ice and 1 drop black food color to a martini shaker.
  • Place marshmallow fluff on an appetizer plate and heat in your microwave for 15 seconds
  • Wet rim of martini glass with water. Dip rim the bowl of marshmallow fluff and let drizzle down the glass- set to the side for 3 minutes to set
  • Strain martini into glass, and serve

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