I know the old tradition is “leave cookies for Santa”, but think about it – how many homes do that? I would guess a lot. So save Santa Claus from a cookie coma by trying one of these fun ideas instead!

1. Muffins

These are close to cookies without making Santa roll his eyes at your otherwise delicious chocolate chip treat. You can whip up your favorite batch or try something store-bought (we won’t tell!). Try Little Bites Butter Cookie flavor (maybe get a little sassy and add some frosting and sprinkles! These are limited edition so look for them NOW!

snowflake-martini2. A cocktail

Did you know Santa LOVES cocktails? Try something festive like this creamy and decadent Snowflake Martini to warm his belly (and his heart!) This is incredibly easy to make and looks so pretty on the mantle.

3. A craft

Santa LOVES letters, but he also loves homemade crafts. Try this Stars in the Sky Lantern which is incredibly easy to make – all you need is a mason jar, spray paint, and some star stickers! So easy and a great way to light Santa’s sleigh –  Rudolph can only do so much..

I would love to hear about some of your favorite traditions that don’t involve cookies – comment below with what you and your family leave out for Santa!

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