0917 Ways To Repurpose A T-shirt

Do you have old t shirts, or too many t shirts you don’t know what to do with? There are tons of things you never would have thought of that you can do with T shirts. From redecorating your home, to making clothes and accessories, you can reuse all of your old tshirts to make many different things. Get creative with your old t shirts.

  1. Baby Bibs with Old T Shirts
  2. DIY Superhero Capes with Old Shirts
  3. DIY T shirt Head bands
  4. T shirt Bracelet
  5. T shirt Pom Poms
  6. T shirt Tote Bag
  7. Dog Toy
  8. Infinity Scarf
  9. DIY Canvas Art
  10. Pom Pom Bib Necklace
  11. Diaper
  12. Around the House Rags
  13. T shirt Book Cover
  14. T shirt Doggy Bed
  15. Napkins
  16. Pillow
  17. Baby Hat