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photo: Pickett Krayniy/SeasonMemories.com

I had always wanted lash extensions. I have complained time and time again that after my twin pregnancy my lashes were never the same. See, when many women have issues with the hair on their head getting sparse during pregnancy, my lashes were the problem. So things like several coats of mascara and fake lashes have been a regular thing with me ever since.

When I saw my friend Pickett get some gorgeous lashes done from The Lash Lounge I was intrigued. I had been following them on Instagram for a while and kept thinking about it, so I decided to bite the bullet and contact the owner.


When I arrived to my appointment the entire place was clean, pleasant, and have a very comfortable atmosphere. I met with Hannah (affectionately now known as the lash miracle worker) and went over what to expect. 2 hours later I looked refreshed and dare I say happier? It’s amazing what lashes can do for a RBF (resting b*tch face)!

What to Expect When Getting Lashes For the First Time

Before and during your appointment

  • DO:
    • Arrive at your appointment a few minutes early, there will be paperwork for you to sign and your lash expert will will go over looks, as no eye is the same and no lash pattern is the same.
    • Expect to be there for 2 hours. Bring some headphones and listen to your favorite podcast or take a lash nap! Put your phone on silent and enjoy your time of pampering!
    • Ask questions. Your lash expert will be able to talk to you about your lash health, care for your new extensions, and best products to use for maintaining.
    • Do tip your lash expert. She (or he) is providing a luxury experience, just like at a hair salon.
  • DON’T:
    • Don’t wear contact lenses. If you are wearing them you will be provided with saline to put store them, or you can bring your lens case.
    • Don’t drink coffee/water/etc. You will want to avoid having to use the bathroom the entire time you are there.
    • Don’t wear mascara if you can at all help it. Your lash expert will make sure your lashes are clean but coming in with a blank slate will help the process go that much smoother.

After your appointment

  • DO:
    • Do use an oil and alcohol-free cleanser for the life of your lashes. This will help them last longer.
    • Do expect to lose about 20% per week. Naturally we lose that much of our own lashes.
    • Do make a followup appointment for 2 weeks to a month following your lash extension application.
  • DON’T:
    • Don’t get your lashes wet for at least 8 hours. No shower, no washing your face. Take your makeup off with remove wipes and avoid the eyes.
    • Don’t wear mascara. If you do make sure it’s a light coat!
    • Don’t rub your eyes too vigorously. I gently cleanse with Cetaphil since it’s oil free. Any left over residue comes off in the shower. Pat your lashes dry and gently brush them with a spoolie to maintain their shape.

Following these tips will help your lash extension experience be a positive one!

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