Over the years, there have been some interesting trends to take over the world of beauty. Some individuals have chosen to use under-armpit deodorant as a makeup primer. Others go as far as to tattoo their eyebrows. We’re not saying that any of these trends are good, bad, right, or wrong. 

Just that men and women are willing to take drastic measures for glowing skin, shiny hair, long eyelashes and strong fingernails. 

Cbd-infused Beauty Products: Do They Actually Work?

One of the newest trends is to start slathering cannabis onto the face and body. That’s right, people are starting to turn to beauty products, such as anti-aging serums and stretch mark creams, that have been infused with cannabis. More specifically, these products have been infused with a compound found in the cannabis plant known as cannabidiol, CBD for short. 

A Little Bit About CBD

Before diving into all things CBD and beauty, let’s talk a little bit about what CBD actually is. According to cbdoilguide.ca, CBD is one of the main chemical compounds that make up the cannabis plant. When CBD is ingested or used topically, it reacts with the brain’s receptor system. By interacting with the receptors, research suggests that CBD has the potential to treat many medical ailments. 

Cbd-infused Beauty Products: Do They Actually Work?

One of the main reasons that CBD is gaining so much popularity is because it does not actually create a high. Unlike THC, CBD has no risk of creating psychoactive effects. It is possible that CBD will leave the mind and body with a relaxing buzz. But there is no risk of hallucinating, getting the uncontrollable giggles, or feeling the munchies with CBD. 

In the past, CBD was strictly used for medical conditions, like treating pain and alleviating anxiety. Those days are long gone, though, and CBD has rightfully earned its place in the beauty industry. It’s now possible to purchase everything from CBD-infused mascara to eczema cream. But why has CBD suddenly taken over the beauty industry?

One reason for the sudden overtake is the fact that CBD is gaining legal status all over the world. With legality comes easy access. Beauty product manufacturers are now allowed to infuse CBD into their products, whereas in the past, they were not. On top of that, individuals are legally allowed to purchase these products. 

Cbd-infused Beauty Products: Do They Actually Work?

It’s not legal everywhere, so it’s important to know the laws of your local jurisdiction. But it is legal all throughout Canada and 33 American states (for medical use, 10 for recreational use). There is some talk going around that marijuana will soon be legal in all of the US on a federal level. Of course, this is just speculation.  

It’s Anti-Inflammatory

So this is the real reason that CBD is being used so much by beauty product manufacturers. CBD is highly anti-inflammatory, which is why scientists believe it to be the ultimate remedy for treating pain. Many forms of pain are caused by inflammation. When CBD is added into the mix, it can relieve this inflammation. 

It’s All-Natural

Even if you don’t characterize yourself as crunchy or granola, it’s becoming more normal to avoid products with harsh chemicals. The days of using harmful beauty products are over, and the days of turning to more holistic approaches are here. Who knows if this demand for all-natural products is here to stay, but for now, using CBD serves is a natural beauty regimen. 

How CBD Beauty Products Work

So now we know that CBD provides anti-inflammatory powers that can help with pain treatment and other medical conditions. The real question is, how does CBD work to enhance beauty? There has been a significant amount of research on CBD and its therapeutic effects on medical skin conditions. 

What Science Is Saying About CBD for Skin

One research study on CBD for skin conditions shows that “the topical administration of CBD ointment, without any THC, is a safe and effective non-invasive alternative for improve the quality of life in patients with some skin disorders, especially on inflammatory background.” This study was performed on medical patients with skin disorders, but the findings relate to the topic of CBD for beauty. 

Cbd-infused Beauty Products: Do They Actually Work?

Some of the most common skin conditions are manageable in terms of pain, but they cause unpleasant physical effects like dry skin, acne, and blotchiness. The thing that many people don’t realize is that inflammation is the root of all evil. And we already know about an ingredient that has anti-inflammatory powers… 

CBD and Acne

Acne is the most common skin condition that billions of people around the world experience at one time in their lives or another. It might seem like a trivial condition, but acne can be frustrating and painful. It can tear down a person’s confidence, and even cause anxiety. There are several powerful prescription drugs for acne treatment, like Accutane and spironolactone, but these come with harmful side effects – and often a high price tag. 


If you’re looking for a more natural alternative, it’s worth it to give CBD a shot. Acne is caused by many things, like excess bacteria and sebum, blocked pores, and of course, inflammation. In many people, CBD has been proven to regulate the production of oil created by the skin’s sebaceous glands. This helps to suppress breakouts, clear up the skin, and boost confidence. 

What to Look for When Shopping for CBD Beauty Products

We have officially established that yes, CBD beauty products do actually work. That being said, it is important to do some research before buying any CBD product. The terminology relating to these products can start to get confusing. While shopping around, it’s normal to see words like full-spectrum and isolate. 


A product containing CBD isolate means that the CBD has been enhanced to contain only CBD and nothing else. Full-spectrum, also referred to as whole-plant, products contain other aspects of the cannabis plant in addition to cannabidiol. There is a bit of controversy on which type is best, but the main thing to remember is to only purchase products from a reputable manufacturer with high product standards.