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Why is Paper Writing So Important for Success in College?

Essay writing is the key to Western education. Of course, we also have lectures, workshops, experiments, lab tasks, debate clubs, etc. However, paper writing stays just in the middle of everyone’s attention, and if you cannot succeed in it, it is likely, you will have trouble graduating. It sounds a bit dark, but we don’t want to sugar coat it. Here are some reasons for paper writing being so important for success in college. 

Reason #1. It is the most objective way to track progress

If college was an individual experience, shared between a student and professor, things would be different. But a teacher or professor has to track and assess the progress of the whole group, more than one group actually. While standardized tests can help in exams, essay writing shows creativity, ability to do research, and cope with other related tasks. 

Reason #2. It is a tradition that no one wants to change

Maybe students want to change it, but their opinions don’t matter much in this or similar cases. Paper writing as a learning activity goes way back, and professors see it as a necessary part of the educational process. There have been some changes over the years. Now, you can look for sources online, type your paper instead of writing it, use online services for proofreading, save time with citation generators, etc. Unfortunately, professors also realize that all this makes your life easier and tends to give more assignments to compensate for this fact. If the assignment load becomes too exhausting, address a cheap paper writing service for professional and fast help. 

Reason #3. Essay writing makes students read more

Reading is considered to be an absolute necessity in a studying process, and paper writing motivates students to read more. You have to read books, academic journals, research, etc. Well, it is a good thing in the end, but while you are in college, it is hard to find any silver lining in here. So, just accept the fact that while in academia, you have to write and read almost all the time. 

Reason #4. It makes students more disciplined

Academic papers have due dates, and if you violate those due dates, you regret it. If students had to deal only with tests, they would be too much relying on their luck and things they remember from lectures. A necessity to write essays once a week or more often keeps students on their toes. 

Reason #5 Expressing thoughts in a written form helps you remember the studied material

When you read something, you feel like everything goes straight to your memory. It would be great, but it is as far from the truth as it can be. A very little amount of what you try to remember actually stays with you. When you write about the issue in question, you collect more information, summarize it, choose the most relevant, later, you have to edit your paper, proofread it, add formatting, so you keep reading it again and again. This way, you remember the topic much better. In many cases, careful and devoted essay writing can be more useful for preparation for exams than just sitting and studying.


Let’s face it. Essay writing is not going anywhere. Students will have to deal with it years, decades from now. It means that it is better to get on board and learn how to do it better than to protest it. Finally, if you are sure that writing a paper is definitely not your cup of tea, you can address a quality writing service for help at any time. It is a good idea to have a reliable Plan B in case of a writing emergency.