Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting Church & Dwight Co., in Vancouver, Washington for a great announcement and event. Church & Dwight, makers of vitafusion™ have teamed up with Walmart to celebrate two manufacturing facilities in the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, WA and Ridgefield, WA), and the 400 jobs they supply in the area.

The company also commended Walmart’s 10-year commitment to buy an additional $250 billion in products supporting American jobs by 2023.

“Walmart has been great for our business and their purchasing has allowed us to make a strong impact on our communities by creating jobs at local factories,” said Laurie Kirschner, Director of Marketing for Vitamins & Supplements at Church & Dwight. “Our Vancouver area facilities employ over 400 people, and it is only the beginning! Working to help build and grow our communities through our workforce is essential to the work that we do. We truly believe in the power of American manufacturing.”

Based on data from Boston Consulting Group, it’s estimated that 1 million U.S. jobs will be created through Walmart’s initiative, including direct manufacturing job growth of approximately 250,000, and indirect job growth of approximately 750,000 in the support and service sectors.

The Church & Dwight Co., Inc. Vancouver facility will produce over 1.6 billion gummies this year to be sold across the country. Additionally, in efforts to become more sustainable, all their US-based operations will have the goal to use 100% renewable electricity, including the corporate offices and plants by the end of 2018.

“Our customers have told us that second to price, where products are made influences their purchase decisions,” said Cindi Marsiglio, vice president, U.S. manufacturing, Walmart. “We are focused on buying great quality products that create jobs in communities across the U.S. It makes sense for our customers, our communities and our company.”

About vitafusion

vitafusion, the #1 Adult Gummy Vitamin Brand, has revolutionized the dietary supplement industry with five simple words: “We Make Nutrition Taste Good. ™” Their introduction of a full range of delicious, gummy vitamins and supplements has provided consumers with an enjoyable and convenient alternative to traditional vitamin pills and tablets.

Through their products, they deliver adult gummy vitamins and kids gummy vitamins under the L’il Critters™ brand to support healthy and active lifestyles. Latest additions to the portfolio include:

  • vitafusion™ Simply Good: A masterful fusion of the juice from delicious, crisp, Pacific Northwest pears and golden clover honey, balanced with essential nutrients – each vitamin is pure goodness.  And with No High Fructose Corn Syrup, Gluten or Artificial Flavors.
  • vitafusion™ Everyday Energy: Contains nutrients to support energy production and alertness so you can confidently keep pace with your active life.
  • L’il Critters™ Fruit n’ Honey: A delicious gummy vitamin that is rooted in wholesomeness, nutrition, and a taste kids will love. Made with the golden goodness from honey bees, real pear juice and uses natural flavors and colors sourced from fruits and veggies—without any gluten, artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup or synthetic (FD&C) dyes.

Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

Headquartered in Ewing, NJ, manufactures and markets a wide range of personal care, household, and specialty products under the ARM & HAMMER™ brand name and other well-known trademarks such as vitafusion™.

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