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Once Upon A Time Has New Characters And They Are Epic

Once Upon A Time Has New Characters And They Are Epic

Once Upon a Time Season 6 “The Savior” Premieres Tonight At 8pm on ABC

When we last saw our beloved characters from Storybrooke, we saw Zelena (“Wicked Witch” creating a portal for the Camelot characters to go back home, only to be sucked in along with The Charmings AND Hook who are trasported to the Land of Untold Stories. There they meet who is ultimately Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and of course battling and excitement ensues. But Jekyll/Hyde aren’t completely gone.

Once Upon A Time Has New Characters And They Are Epic

(ABC/Jack Rowand)

There is also the matters of Rumple & Belle, along with Regina & Evil Queen. Now that the Evil Queen is separated from Regina and in New York, among the “normal” people, what will happen? And will Rumple’s determination to wake Belle come to light? Will they live happily ever after like he wishes?

So… I have a confession to make.. I saw the Season 6 premiere of Once Upon A Time last week at ABC Studios. Yep, I know a TON of information – and you will too tonight when it airs on ABC.

I also got to chat with creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, who also was involved in one of my other all-time favorite series, Lost. Yes, I fangirled a bit over that. I mentioned my “not Penny’s boat” necklace I love so much. But we MOSTLY talked about Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon A Time Has New Characters And They Are Epic

Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis (ABC/Todd Wawrychuk)

The biggest idea of late for the show has been the Land of Untold Stories. Adam Horowitz embellished on exactly what this land is:

In the past we’ve seen the characters within a Storybrooke who have been effective by the curse, like in the case of characters whose happy endings have been ripped away by the Evil Queen and her curse.  With the Land of Untold Stories, it’s a little bit different – what we’re exploring are characters who have run away from their stories, who have left them and gone to this other place.  Now they find themselves in a storybook in stories that may have been put on pause and resumed.  So rather than stories that necessarily that have ended in a certain way, these are stories that were kind of midstream that for whatever reason these characters didn’t want to see it continue. 

Another question is who we will see this season. While there are some surprises, Horowitz and Kitsis mentioned Aladdin, Jafar & Jasmine, as well as Cinderella along with her Evil Stepmother and Stepsisters. We will also see the lesser-known character Captain Nemo (not to be confused with Finding Nemo). What each of the storylines will be remains a big secret that will unfold this season. I can tell you that we do definitely see some of them in The Savior. Season 6 will also explore more of Archie (Jiminy Cricket) and his place in Storybrooke.

Once Upon A Time Has New Characters And They Are Epic

Robert Carlyle as Rumple (ABC/Jack Rowand)

Rumple has always been one that has flittered from the bad side to the good side, something I had mentioned to Horowitz and Kitsis reminded me of another character – Walter White of Breaking Bad. Kitsis immediately agreed that White was an inspiration to Rumple’s struggles, because he is SO good at being bad and he loves it, even though he tries so hard to be good. According to Kitsis Rumple is a cross between Mick Jagger, David Bowie, and The Godfather. I wondered why he was my favorite character….Once Upon A Time Has New Characters And They Are Epic

Lots of what we talked about and saw, I can’t really say much. What I CAN say is that The Saviour is full of excitement and surprises and sets up some new storylines that will have viewers glued to the screen every Sunday night at 8pm on ABC.

Once Upon A Time Has New Characters And They Are Epic