The Fingerlings frenzy from last year’s holiday season is still fresh on my mind as I see all of the new products in the Wowwee toy line. Not only do we have Fingerlings monkeys of all sizes, but there’s also the Untamed line of dinosaurs. And even better? There’s the latest in the line – Fingerlings Untamed Boneheads!

Top Toy – Fingerlings Untamed Bonehead T-rex

Meet the untamed skeleton T-Rex by Fingerlings, aka Bonehead! This creature is fierce and unpredictable, and knows friends vs. foes. In untamed mode, doom rattles, roars, hisses and chomps! In tame mode, he Nuzzles and purrs in his jingle-jangle skeletal way. Complete with snapping jaws that look like broken bones and claws that grip, this interactive T-Rex reacts to touch, motion and sound with over 40 different animations and SFX. Bonus: this bonehead glows in the dark like a Zombie skeleton!

Top Toy – Fingerlings Untamed Bonehead T-rexMy husband saw the sample I received and immediately took it for his own. He said it made a good desk toy for his office so now it hangs there and every once in a while growls and hisses at him. But if he hadn’t have taken it I am sure my son would love it just as much as he loves his Untamed Raptors T-rex (with skin). 

Top Toy – Fingerlings Untamed Bonehead T-rexYou can find Untamed Bonehead by Wowwee at Walmart! They are great for stocking stuffers!