My daughter loves creating things. So when we got this super fun Gemmies set I was excited because I knew she would love playing with it. It’s a GREAT set – drawers to hold your beads and rings, templates to learn to make fun things like rings, animals, and other fun 3D shapes, all glittering like crystal!

While it needs some getting used to, it has been fun making some neat trinkets. Luckily there are videos to help you through the process. I made this Ice Cream Cone.

Introducing Gemmies, a simple and addictive way to make sparkling 3D creations. Gemmies is the only activity that allows kids to make awesome 3D crystal creations using a simple yet engaging process.

Gemmies allows a child to develop their dexterity and as they master creations move on to more intricate designs and ultimately free-play- to design whatever can be imagined! Make glittering animals, shimmering flowers, bracelets, bangles, chokers and rings!

Using a template, girls connect Gemmies crystals to Gemmies rings forming a flat pattern, and by joining it together make a three dimensional creation. Once a child has learned the motion of clipping Gemmies crystals to Gemmies rings the process becomes repetitive and easily applies to all creations.
The Gemmies Design Studio includes everything you need to plan your designs, store your Gemmies crystals and display your creations. Over 500 pieces including Gemmies crystals, Gemmies rings, Deluxe Tool, templates, connectors, spacers and more!

Find Gemmies at most major retailers and Amazon!