Family holidays can be some of the best, and worst, times of our life. The family can grow closer and develop strong bonds on a family holiday, but sometimes hiccups can mean the trip does not go as smoothly as planned. We’ve put together our top tips for planning the perfect family holiday. Read on!


Do your research

As with anything, the key to a successful and seamless family holiday is in the planning and research. Do some adequate investigating beforehand to ensure your holiday spot is in fact kid-friendly. Are you going to be taking pets? What sort of accommodation are you after? Based on these questions, you can devise which facilities and amenities you will need at your vacation destination.


Prepare the kids

Once you have chosen your destination, take the time to prepare and excite your kids. Get them ready for the trip by showing them photos, and explaining what the holiday spot is like, what activities will be on offer, and what safety procedures the family should take given the environment. This way, your kids will have realistic expectations and can also start mentally and practically planning themselves! Another key preparation tactic is to think about a GPS tracker for kids. Have you ever lost your child in a crowded place? It’s surprisingly easy to do and annoyingly difficult to remedy.


Limit travel time

No one likes sitting in a car, bus or plane for extended amounts of time. If you’re going to be travelling with children, try and limit the travel time as much as possible. Travelling makes any person tired, irritable, and sometimes ill. Avoid these hiccups by using the quickest and easiest route available.


Arrange something out of the ordinary

One way to make sure everyone remembers the holiday is to do something totally out of the ordinary. Organise a horseback ride, snorkelling, kayaking or another activity that you and your kids aren’t used to. You could even play a get to know you family game, where you can find out unusual and interesting facts about each other, bringing you all closer together whilst having fun.


Try new things

Travel is all about new experiences. Even if you’re travelling domestically, there are a wide range of things you can do to introduce you and your kids to a new way of life. Try some local, fresh cuisine, or ask one of the locals to take you to their favourite spot in town.


Let the kids take the lead

Encourage keeping the peace by sometimes letting the kids take the lead. Have designated days where each child get to decide on an safe and fun activity, or even what sort of meal to eat. This way, the kids will feel like they have a fair and equal say, and you could be in for a fun surprise!


Plan some surprises

Most of all, don’t forget to have fun with your holiday. Plan some surprises for yourself, your partner, your kids or all of the above! No matter how big or how small, surprises are a great way to inject fun and frivolity into your holiday.


So next time you’re planning a family holiday, be sure to do your research, prepare the family, limit travel time and have fun with it. That could mean planning a surprise, letting the kids take the lead, or doing something totally out of the ordinary. A family holiday is a fun and constructive experience that your kids will remember for the rest of their lives. Ensure you do it the right way by taking heed of these 7 helpful tips.