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Being an Ambassador for Blogger Bash 2016 was such a thrill. I was lucky to be a part of this event – not only because my input and active promotion was fun, but this was also my very first Blogger Bash. I had been to other conferences and had an idea of what to expect, but had no idea I would come away with so much. The entire event was well organized and fun. Nothing was missed in the planning. And being in New York… even though the Pokemon Go was insane there, it was all about Blogger Bash 2016!


Top Five Reasons Blogger Bash Rocked!


1. It was on a boat in New York City!


I LOVE New York and being  Portlandian (Oregon, not Maine), I don’t get as much opportunity to travel to The Big Apple as I want to. Blogger Bash is in New York every year, but being on a boat was the first of it’s kind. This made for a super cool logo and theme. The closing party had the Majesty sailing around the Statue of Liberty, which was an inspiring view. The location was perfection – close to everything. It was beautiful (even though I was still feeling like I was on a boat the next day!).

2. The sponsors were engaging and friendly.


In the past I had been to conferences with expo hall booths that seemed like they were there to tout their product and give stuff away. This is not what blog conferences are about. I was interested in engaging some of my very favorite brands – Wowwee, Spin Master, LEGO, and Kohler to name a few – so I could create some lasting relationships with them. So many of the brands represented had their lead blogger relations person front and center, waiting to talk to bloggers about mutually benefiting  relationships and were open to ideas on how we can work together. It’s not about the stuff, people. It’s about business. P.S. – Speed Pitching was BRILLIANT. I adored having the one-on-one contact with some great reps. Babypalooza wasn’t only for babies. Shop Ireland was beautifully done. It was all so incredible to witness.

Handstand on a hoverboard.. Whaaat??
Handstand on a hoverboard.. Whaaat??

3. Care Bears Share Your Care Breakfast was inspiring.


We all know Care Bears, but there was one portion of the breakfast that stood out. It was the support Care Bears has for We Care Bear Drive. We Care Bear Drive was created by Jessica, a teen girl who saw the need for children that are victims of traumatic events such as car accidents, fires, and other events that require police & fire department response. She started the We Care Bear Drive to help First Responders comfort children by donating stuffed animals such as teddy bears. Care Bears recognized this and has given We Care Bear Drive their full support.


4. I met new friends and got to see people that only lived in my computer.

Blogger bash

I went to Blogger Bash not recognizing many of the members going. It’s always an intimidating thing to go into something essentially alone. I was lucky in the fact that I did know a few, but I really bonded with some great bloggers who I may not have ever known otherwise. You all know who you are!

5. Blogging Concentrated was FULL of great information

Dan Morris always hits it out of the park, and this year was no exception. If you didn’t attend the session, you missed a goldmine.

There were some other great takeaways from Blogger Bash this year – Ginger Zee’s keynote was inspiring, Sweet Suite was so much fun, and hearing all about what’s coming up for Peanuts and Kate & Mim-Mim was super cool. So much packed into 2 days of fun, food, and contacts.

If you are thinking about going next year I have some tips for you! Head over for my 5 Tips To Help You Stand Out!!

5 blog conference tips

I was a paid ambassador for Blogger Bash 2016, however all opinions are 100% my own.