The Peanuts Movie is in Theaters Nov 6

Top 5 Reasons To Adore Snoopy! The Peanuts Movie In Theaters Nov 6

Like many of you, I grew up with Snoopy as a regular part of my life. I LOVE Snoopy and the gang! Here are my top reasons why:

1. He’s loveable (but snarky!)

Snoopy has that funny laugh that you just know shows a little bit of a devious side to him. That playful Ha-ha! when something silly happens reminds me to laugh at the tough times and just go with it.

2. That dance. The DANCE

When Snoopy dances, he doesn’t have a care in the world; he’s just happy. It’s the epitome of “dance like nobody is watching”..


3. He’s imaginative

What other dog out there can transform his red dog house into a fighter and battles his arch nemesis The Red Baron? Because of this I started looking up just who The Red Baron was and why Snoopy would pretend-battle him, and thus started my love affair with history…

4. He’s a good friend

He’s a great friend to Woodstock. They have an unspoken understanding that nobody can touch.


5. He’s also a good dog

Charlie Brown needs Snoopy in his life. Charlie is often the butt of jokes thanks to Lucy and feels left out, simply because he thinks differently. Snoopy gets it.


See The Peanuts Movie November 6th!