I have a bit of a mug problem. Usually whenever I go somewhere I inevitably come back with a souvenir mug of some sort. If helps that I drink a lot of coffee, this way I can justify my mug obsession.

Zak Designs recently came out with some super cool super hero mugs that change color with hot liquid. So it’s a nice surprise when I pour my coffee (or tea, or what have you). Or when the kids have some hot cocoa, surprise! Millennium Falcon!

Check out this cool video from Zak Designs to see how the magic works:

Not only do they have color changing mugs, but my new favorite is this Deadpool mug. It’s quirky and different – just like Deadpool himself. Deadpool has crashed through the sidewall with a caption that reads “Did I just break the fourth wall again? I’m so naughty!”

If you are wondering where to get these, look no further than Amazon where you can find these mugs and more to appease your geeky side. With Christmas quickly approaching they would also make some pretty perfect gifts for that comic book fan in your life.

Buy Zak Designs on Amazon

You can also find them at https://www.zak.com/

*thanks to Zak Designs for sending these over because they are pretty awesome.