The Art Of Convenience And Kim Davis

I was getting all ready to edit a fun video when I made the mistake of popping onto Facebook and seeing that Kim Davis was released from jail, charges dropped, plus lots and lots of posts about it.


For those of you who don’t know who Kim Davis is – Kim Davis is a Kentucky Court Clerk who distributes marriage licenses for the state. Earlier this year the Supreme Court ruled gender equality and that same sex couples have the right to be married. HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT. Kim didn’t like this and refused marriage licenses based on her religious beliefs, therefore breaking the law by denying their civil rights and was jailed for it. These are the facts. She claims they go against her Christian beliefs

I am an advocate for equal marriage. I always have been. When it was legalized in my home state of Oregon I cheered. Then when the Supreme Court ruled it legal throughout the country I was beaming happy. I thought “this must have been how it felt when interracial marriage was legalized”. Don’t like it? Don’t care.

Then. Kim Davis.

Kim Davis reminded me that even though the entire country says it’s ok, there will be some people out there who say it’s not. And that’s OK, but you know what’s NOT ok?

The Art Of Convenience And Kim Davis

Using your position and acting above the law. Isn’t this what the law is for? To have some sort of needed ceiling? And what happened to “separation of church and state”? What happened to equal rights?

What happened to obeying the LAW?

It’s simple. You break the law, you go to jail. Kim Davis broke the law. She went to jail. She then got her charges dropped and acted like a damn martyr for the cameras. She acted like she won.

Many believe she went to jail for not giving marriage licenses to same sex couples. That’s only partially true. She actually went to jail for contempt of court.

  1. the feeling that a person or a thing is beneath consideration, worthless, or deserving scorn.
    “he showed his contempt for his job by doing it very badly”
    • the offense of being disobedient to or disrespectful of a court of law and its officers.
      noun: contempt of court

What angers me about this whole situation is that she CLEARLY broke the law. I could give a rats ass whether she believes she is right or wrong. You simply cannot make those decisions, especially when you are in a court job. PERIOD.

I don’t care how many times she’s been married (4 times) and what her bible says, she and MANY MANY others are cherry-picking what to believe and follow and what not to. This form of Christianity is appalling. I am not necessarily a religious person, but I DO believe that those who decide to manipulate the system should suffer the consequences. It’s entirely unfair that you only believe in something when it’s convenient for you.

It’s shocking how much of this type of behavior I am seeing.