Who’s traveling this weekend?

I know most of you have your kids already in school (mine go back on Tuesday), but this weekend being Labor Day Weekend is the last 3 days of summer to go have some fun (and the last time I should wear those white jeans until spring. Actually who am I kidding, I should have never bought them to begin with!). With trips to the beach and that theme park you have been waiting for come long drives and ultimately trips to the bathroom. And with that comes dirty public bathrooms. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You could have the SitorSquat app from Charmin

I know when I am traveling with the kids I always hear the inevitable “mooooommmmm I have to go potty”… Don’t they go before we leave like I ask? Luckily I can weed out the nasty bathrooms and go for the cleanest ones on my route with SitorSquat. Plus I can report on the bathroom we just visited at that random gas station and let others know if it’s a “sit” or a “squat”.

NEW Updates:
• Google map interface to search by location or address to Find a Bathroom – Introducing the new Google clustering for easy grouping of bathrooms by location
• Merged website database to provide over 100,000 bathrooms for you to find relief while you are on the go!
• Quick Filters to “Show All” or “Sits Only” bathrooms
• Ability to include pictures when Adding a Bathroom
• Simple registration process with user profile pictures (be a Charmin Bear!)


So this weekend and every other trip from now on Charmin has your butt covered. Yeah, I went there. So now you go here and get the app and you’re welcome.

*This post is sponsored by Charmin. All opinions are 100% my own.