I love when I find a show that is not only fun to watch but also different than the normal, which is what Amazon Prime’s “Just Add Magic” is! Season 2 just debuted on Amazon Prime January 13 – check out the trailer!

Amateur preteen chefs Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah, discover an ancient recipe book while searching for Kelly’s brother in the attic. The recipes they find inside have strange names like “Shut’em Up Shortcake” and “Healing Hazelnut Tart” and require unusual ingredients, such as “Cedronian vanilla” and “Taurian thyme”. When Kelly’s brother eats a bite of the shortcake and can no longer talk, the three friends realize they are dealing with magic spells. After Darbie cannot stop talking, they also realize the spells come with a consequence.

Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah investigate how the magical recipes work and face the temptations of using magic to help overcome the everyday challenges of being middle school girls. But Kelly has one overriding goal: Find the magical recipe that will fix her grandmother’s mysterious illness, even if it means crossing creepy Mamma P or scary Ms. Silvers.

So I was inspired to make my own recipe – Starlight Spell Chocolate Bark. Why? Because we have had a solid week of snowy weather and I want to see the stars again. While snow is pretty, it’s so impractical! I just want to see the stars again, so I took a cue from the girls in Just Add Magic and concocted my own delicious recipe.

Starlight Spell

Chocolate Bark

You will need:

1 bag (16oz) Milk Chocolate Chips

1 bag (16oz) White Chocolate Chips

Sprinkles! MORE sprinkles!

STAR Sprinkles (this is the secret for making it all work)

To make:

Melt chocolate in the microwave or double broiler. Pour milk chocolate on to a pan lined in parchment paper and spread. Add some stars and sprinkles, then pour white chocolate on top. Add more sprinkles and stars and freeze for 30 minutes. Break apart and see the stars!!

Crazy easy, right?

So make these, watch Just Add Magic’s new season on Amazon Prime, and enjoy!

*This post as sponsored by Amazon. All opinions are 100% my own.