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Recipe: Nutty Tuna Salad Pita – 7 Weight Watchers Points

Life She Has

* Brought to you by the board at National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month

Nutty Tuna Salad Pita

Pack a new twist on a sandwich – a DIY nutty Pita!


  • 1 (6.4 oz.) Pouch or 2 (5 oz.) Cans drained StarKist Albacore White Tuna in Water
  • 12 cup diced celery
  • 14 cup raisins or 12 cup seedless grapes, halved (optional)
  • 14 cup chopped walnuts, pecans or almonds
  • 12 cup low-fat plain yogurt
  • 12 tsp. dry dill weed
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • 2 pitas, halved
  • Curly-leaf lettuce leaves


  • Combine tuna, celery, raisins and walnuts in medium bowl.
  • Blend yogurt and dill weed; toss with tuna mixture.
  • Line each pita with lettuce; fill with 14 of the tuna salad.

Serving Size: 1 Sandwich; Cals: 270; Fat: 5g; Carbs: 36g; Fiber: 4g; Sugar: 7g; Protein: 23g; 7 WW+

Life She Has


  1. Hi! I’m just getting started doing WW on my own, and I love the sound of this recipe! I’m just a little unsure about something. Is 1 sandwich a 1/2 piece of the 2 pitas you cut in 1/2, or is it the 2 pitas? Or rather, is this recipe 1 serving or 4? Thank you! I’m excited to continue perusing your site!

    1. hey! The one pita would be split so you can stuff it 🙂 Just double check the WW points value on the brand you’d use if it’s not this one! Good luck!

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