*This post is sponsored by Quaker Oats.

In the summer it gets so hot so early! I often forego the usual pancakes and waffles (who wants to cook in this weather?) and do these YUMMY pops instead!


You will need

  • Quaker Granola Medleys (find them in the cereal/bar aisle of your local grocery store). I LOVE Summer Berry for this treat!
  • Your favorite yogurt (I used blueberry)
  • Pop molds

Start by spooning in about 2 tbs of yogurt into your mold. Add 1 tbs of Quaker Granola Medleys. Continue this until the mold is full. When all molds are full tap the tray lightly on your counter to remove air bubbles and coat the granola. Freeze for at least 2 hours or until firm.

When you are ready for a frozen pop, take them out of the freezer and enjoy! If they are hard to remove simply run warm water over the mold.




I love that Quaker has so many great products out – the latest being Instant Steel Cut Oats! If you have never had steel cut oats you NEED to try them! I was so happy to see that they came in the instant and instant flavored varieties now since the conventional method can take a while. When I want oatmeal I want it now!


You can find great Quaker products including the ones mentioned at your local grocery store. Also check out some great recipes at quaker.com!