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Premature Aging? Here Are Some Tips To Defy It

Premature Aging? Here Are Some Tips To Defy It

The human body is a wonderful yet fragile creation. While it can capture the beauty of the human body for a time, unfortunately the beauty begins to fade with time. As we get older, the signs of age start to tell our story. The grey hairs start to come through and the wrinkles start to appear, telling others our life story before we have even had a chance to. We are surrounded by several advertisements that advise us on products and methods to keep us looking younger for longer. There are ways to pick up on signs of premature aging as seen here. Below we have provided a guide to minimising wrinkles and having healthier, younger looking skin.

Diet – you are what you eat!

A good diet will help your skin to stay firmer, more elastic and supple. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a good amount of water each day and aim to eat healthy. If you choose to eat fruits and vegetables, your skin should look healthier compared to if you were eating fried foods such as chicken and chips. Eating the right foods will also prevent free radicals from roaming around your skin, which can lead to premature signs of aging.


The question is often asked “Does smoking cause wrinkles?” and the answer is yes. Over the long term, smoking can speed up the aging process and cause you to get wrinkles prematurely. Smoking is also linked to increased wrinkling and skin damage on the body. Smoking leads to wrinkling due to the nicotine in the cigarettes that causes a narrowing of the blood vessels in the outermost layer of the skin. When there is less blood flow in the skin, there is less oxygen and important nutrients being transferred to the skin. Additionally, the chemicals found within cigarettes also damage your skin’s elastin and collagen. This causes your skin to sag and wrinkle. If you are a smoker and you are concerned with premature aging, you should seek methods to quit smoking entirely.


If there is a quick and simple solution for getting healthier looking skin, then exercise is the key. The benefit of cardiovascular exercise (cardio) improves your blood flow helps to keep the skin looking healthy and vibrant.

Moisturise your skin.

If your skin is dry and cracked, then it will lead to aging and wrinkles a lot more prematurely. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on moisturisers. However, you should keep your skin at a suitable hydration level to avoid dryness and the appearance of fine lines.

Cosmetic treatments.

Cosmetic treatments are a popular way to beat the signs of age. One of the most popular treatments available is anti-wrinkle injections. In show business, it is widely known that celebrities use Botox injections to minimise their wrinkles and to slow the appearance of aging. In some cases, they are even thought to prevent wrinkles. These injections are done every three to six months. Additionally, treatments such as fillers which can last up to a few years and is an effective anti-wrinkle injection treatment.

Protect yourself against the sun.

The sunshine can be great for your skin, but too much can also be harmful and speed up the aging process. Many people enjoy getting tans and a nice glow with their skin, doing this too much can actually be harmful to your skin’s elasticin and collagen. Furthermore, it could lead onto harmful skin issues such as melanomas (skin cancer). Even if people opt to use the solarium, they need to be careful with the long-term damage that can occur with their skin. Simple prevention methods that can be used are to slip on a tee-shirt, slop on some SPF 15+ sunscreen and to slap on a hat (also known as slip, slop, slap).

These are a few tips that you can use to prevent any premature wrinkling and to keep your skin looking younger and more supple. Aging is something that we all have to experience, but we can choose to age at our own pace.