Out Of The Box Anniversary Flower Ideas

Flowers are pretty standard when it comes to anniversary gifts and are always much appreciated, but over time can become somewhat typical. Standard arrangements of fresh cut flowers can be quite predictable, in traditional arrays of roses, carnations, baby’s breath and other floral basics, so next time you’re in the market for Anniversary flowers, try getting a little creative and really make a statement with your flower selections.

Think Outside the Box

Instead of the typical arrangements, enquire with your florist about the different fresh cut flowers that may be in season or of interest. Allow your florist to demonstrate their expertise byshowing you different flowers and design concepts that will be both beautiful and unique in style. Perhaps, consider trying something different like an arrangement of various lilies, or a colour themed bouquet in vivid shades of pink or yellow.  Roses(especially red) are the protocol when celebrating anniversaries, but why not try stepping away from the obvious by selecting a different colour – roses are available in dozens of stunning shades and variations too.Some interesting directions to look into when flower shopping may be:


  • Exotics & Tropicals – consider a bouquet done in a tropical theme, with lush and vibrant flowers incorporated. Inspirations could be;a bird of paradise, beautiful hibiscus, orchids, exotic lilies, and other gorgeous, warm climate flowers.
  • Garden Bouquets – capture the beauty of an English garden by presenting her with an arrangement of lavish wildflowers, offering the aroma and atmosphere of the finest gardens from using flowers such as; black eyed Susan’s, primrose, lily of the valley, and verbena just to name a few. These arrangements are not only beautiful to look at, but are wonderfully fragrant and will fill the space with a delightful aroma.
  • Monochromatic Themes – using monochromatic colour schemes, like white on white, or red on red, can have stunning results. So why not try layering a bouquet with elegant peonies, white roses, daisies and other flowers for a perfect and unique arrangement.


Recreate your Wedding Memories

Truly take her breath away by presenting her with flowers reminiscent of your memorablewedding day.

Recreating her bridal bouquet is a fantastic way to reflect on the special day, and let her know just how important she is to you. Any arrangement using flowers reminiscent of the nuptials will be a beautiful token, making them a thoughtful and memorable gift that seems personalised and special.


Add an Extra Special Something

Take the time to include a little extra special something with the flowers in your card instead of the standard “I love you”, or perhaps in addition to it. A heartfelt note, romantic song lyrics or a handwritten love poem can add a wonderful touch, making the gift of flowers even more personal and meaningful, yet not adding to the expense. Perhaps an excerpt from your vows, or the lyrics to your song will add just the perfect element. Consider getting your flowers delivered as a surprise to her office, or home so shop for Flower delivery in Melbourne or wherever in the country you’re based. Everyone loves a surprise and it will definitely let her know you’re thinking of her on your special day.


Use flowers as a Preview to a More Extravagant Gift

Anniversaries are a special time, and should be treated as such. Use gorgeous blossoms as a way to introduce clues leading to a special romantic surprise. Rose petals and flowers throughout are a great way to create an atmosphere of romance and intimacy, creating the perfect atmosphere for a creative and incredible celebration of love.


Whatever the case, always take the time to be creative and make truly thoughtful selections when planning a floral bouquet for an anniversary, as such, a special occasion deserves careful consideration and attention to detail to make the event memorable for years to come.