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Oregon & Washington: You Can Now See A Provider In Your Home With Health Express #healthexpress

Imagine this: you are home with the kids. You don’t feel well and can tell you are getting the flu. Your husband is at work and the very thought of getting the kids in the car, driving over to urgent care, and sitting in a room full other sick patients, having to handle a child or two while you are progressively getting worse. You know that all you need is a prescription – and because you will have a reprive when your spouse gets home and can even tell him to pick up the medication on his way. Wouldn’t it be great if you can get it all done in the comfort of your home? Washington & Oregon readers now can do just that with the NEW Health eXpress online provider service.

All you need to do is create an account at or use the app (available for iOS or Android). Then for just $39 – which may be covered by insurance – you can see a provider within about 5 minutes of requesting one, all without packing up the kids. Plus if the provider can’t treat you the that fee is waived. Don’t worry, registering is 100% free and you aren’t billed until your insurance is.

  • Live, on-demand virtual visits using secure video and audio for adults and children
  • Best for low-acuity conditions that you might otherwise go to a walk-in clinic for (cold, cough, flu, allergies, sinus infections, rashes, skin issues, joint pain, urinary tract infections, etc.)
  • No appointment needed and wait time is usually less than 5 minutes.
  • Monday – Friday 8am-8pm and Sat/Sun 9am-5pm PST
  • We use our own doctors and nurse practitioners to provide the service.
  • Get a diagnosis and treatment recommendation, including a prescription if needed
  • The service is safe, secure and confidential
  • Service can be used across your devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Oregon & Washington: You Can Now See A Provider In Your Home With Health Express #healthexpress

If you are a Providence patient (which most of us in Portland are), the provider you talk to will be able to access your health records to properly care for you or your family member.

Situations where Health eXpress might be a good option:

  • You’d like a diagnosis and treatment for a common health concern
  • You feel like you should see a doctor, but don’t have enough time for a visit
  • Your doctor can’t get you in for a same-day appointment or find a time that fits with your schedule
  • Your doctor’s office is closed and you don’t want to go to an urgent care or hospital
  • You feel too sick or contagious to leave your home
  • The thought of traffic, parking and waiting at a clinic with other sick or contagious patients is a deterrent from getting care
  • You want a second opinion
  • You’re in town traveling for business and don’t have time to go somewhere know where to go
  • You’re in town traveling for vacation or visiting relatives and don’t want to take the time away from your plans to go to see a doctor
  • You have a high-deductible health plan or no insurance coverage at all and need a low-cost care option
  • You need a prescription refill

Oregon & Washington: You Can Now See A Provider In Your Home With Health Express #healthexpress

When you use Health eXpress, you know you’ll be speaking to one of our own licensed, board-certified providers who will listen to you and your concerns and is there to help. You can expect the same high quality of care that you would receive if you went into your clinic – as a matter of fact, most Health eXpress providers also spend part of their day working in their clinics when they’re not doing virtual visits.

So which would you rather do? Pack up the kids and wait for who-knows-how-long at a walk-in clinic or get treated through Health eXpress? 

You can head over to and register so you are ready when sick happens.