I am finished with week one of my recovery from breast reduction surgery! I gotta tell you, it’s been a tough week…

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So I had my surgery November 11, 2015. The first day was relatively easy – not much pain, just tired. My Dr (Dr. Ronald DeMars) had placed drain tubes in for 2 days. Those were pretty uncomfortable to have in, mostly because it was hard for me to relax with them. The incisions itched and the bulbs were plastic so they liked to stick to my skin. I remedied that by wearing yoga pants with the waistband pulled up over my stomach. I also couldn’t shower while the tubes were in so I relied on dry shampoo and washcloths.

I had to care for my tubes by stretching them to ensure no fluid got stuck in there and to keep the suction going. I also had to drain the bulbs a few times a day. That part was easy – there’s a little valve that you release and just squeeze the fluid out. It sounds worse than it was!

Friday Nov 13th I was able to get my tubes out. Sweet relief!! Removing the tubes themselves didn’t hurt at all like I expected, I could barely feel it. My doctor checked my healing, said that everything looked good so far and sent me on my way. I had another visit with him on November 19th, a week after my surgery where he checked my bruising, stitches, and swelling. All normal (even though I was heavily bruised!).

Just the act of getting dressed and sitting in the car on the way to my doctor’s office was exhausting – I didn’t expect that at all! I was actually falling asleep on the way there and the way back. That tiredness sneaks up on you. In fact this morning I helped my husband get the kids ready for school and that promptly knocked me out for a couple of hours. The smallest tasks get me winded, but my energy is coming back (slowly).

My breasts have swelled more since I had the drains removed, which is expected. I also have more yellow bruising everywhere. Just be warned – that size you are the first day or two will change for a while! I have swelled a full cup size but expect it to drop back down over the next couple of months.

Now? I am taking it easy. I am off all pain medication with the exception of Advil. There is some pain, but more of a shooting pain and a sting when my skin gets cold/goosebumps. I still have steri-strips but noticed today some are starting to come off. I am also able to wear any bra comfortable, something I was so excited about that I went out to do a little bra shopping.

I have lost about 5 inches or so off my chest, going from a 38H to currently a 38D!

My Breast Reduction – The First Week Of Recovery

Same dress!

At some point I will get a bit more comfortable and show some *real* before and after photos along with pictures of the healing process. Until then pics like these will have to suffice 🙂