This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I like to call myself a collaborator. I love finding new ideas and getting inspired. I often turn apps and sites online, so to find a new one is always a big treat. I am so excited to share MrOwl, the newest way to share and inspire! Sign Up!

MrOwl is a fun, new FREE technology…that’s a HOME for all of your interests. Collaborate on topics you love.  Find new interests and get inspired. Join a connected community curated by REAL people like you. It’s very simple – Download the MrOwl app to get started or go to and sign up with a unique username. From there you can search for some new “branches” to grab or create your own. You can upload your own photos, add links, and follow other user links to some fun new content. Being a content creator myself I LOVE having a new platform to share my own work and give other content creators some love. And finding new stuff that I didn’t know about before. It feels so real and friendly. I can even chat with other MrOwl users and find even more awesome content. I can comment on branches I love, start my own, and share it all with the world. All for FREE!

One topic I just love is entertainment. I cover a lot of movie news on my site, most recently Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2! I discovered I can very easily create a branch and put all of my Guardians of the Galaxy content there, plus add more cool articles I find there too. Everything Peter Quill, Groot, Rocket, Gamora, and more can be listed right there in my branch for other die-hard Marvel fans to find. I did it all through the app and it was incredibly simple to do.

From the app I clicked the big orange “Create a Branch” button and went from there. I added an image that pertained to the topic, then clicked the orange plus symbol to find and add links. I could also create subtopics – like interviews, fun facts, DIY/crafts and recipes all with the same Guardians of the Galaxy thread.

Navigation of the MrOwl app is super easy too – you can search for anything and everything, grab branches for your own files, and of course build more branches like I just did. All at your fingertips and all for free. I can see MrOwl as a great resource for school too – so many great branches pertaining to history, some really great science experiments, and fun crafting for kids of every age. Teachers – take note, this might very well be your new favorite app! I can definitely see using MrOwl for many years to come when looking for and creating content. As my kids get older they will have their own branches to add to for their interests.  I would LOVE for you to follow me (@allshewants) on MrOwl so we can have fun and collaborate! Let’s share our worlds with the rest of the world!

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