Last night I was looking around my house. I realized that I have a LOT of stuff. Toys that the kids no longer use, small kitchen appliances that have since been replaced, and more outgrown clothes than you can imagine. I have a lot of stuff that just needs to be removed.

Now, I can get rid of a lot of this through donations and giving to friends and neighbors (Buy Nothing groups are amazing for that!) but there is one place that I need some serious help in that just needs to be trashed – my garage. We did some major remodeling over the last year. We redid our bathrooms, floors, and started preparing for a new deck out back. So in that garage is housed all of the leftovers. All of the things we over purchased, replaced, or just don’t want anymore.

photo: cocoparisienne/pixabay

What I want is for someone to just come take it all. I want someone to come do the work for me. I want someone to come clean it all out and make it usable again. I would love to have someone take the things I don’t want and find homes for it all. Wouldn’t that be nice?

It’s times like these I wished I lived in Colorado because there is a business in Denver that does just that. It’s been hard to find a business like Big Ass Junk Removal here in Portland that will help me with all of this and get my life in order again without me having to do it myself (who has time??).

photo: Chachpond/Pixabay

You Colorado residents are lucky.

My sister lives just outside of Denver so she is well aware of Big Ass Junk Removal and their reputation. She mentioned that she’s heard of them, a few friends and neighbors have used them. She says they SWEAR by them.

So while I am sitting here among my things I no longer want and trying to start a game plan, you lovely people in Denver have Big Ass Junk Removal at your disposal (see what I did there?).

It’s simply not fair.

You can find Big Ass Junk Removal by calling them: 303/218-5830 or at