Inside Out Stuffed Oreo Cookies
 Here is a more creative way to eat Oreos that definitely makes a unique snack. Try this recipe for Inside Out Stuffed Oreo Cookies with a chocolatey taste.  I highly suggest dunking them in a glass of milk as it makes them that more delicious. This recipe makes 12 cookies but you can always double or triple the recipe if you want to make more.

Inside Out Stuffed Oreo Cookies

  • 1 cake mix
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 cup oil
  • 1 sleeve of Oreos (about 12 cookies)


  1. Preheat oven to 375.
  2. Mix together cake mix 2 eggs and 1/4 cup oil.
  3. Place in the fridge to set for 30 minutes.
  4. Roll dough into 1″ circles and flatten them out.
  5. Place oreo in the center.
  6. Fold over dough on top of the oreo to completely cover.
  7. Place on a baking sheet. Bake for 12-15 minutes.


You can also drizzle the Oreos with Icing. To do so add 1 cup powdered sugar and 3 tbs of milk in a bowl. Stir together until there are no more lumps. Then, drizzle over cookies and enjoy!