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I am spending Easter with my sister Tabs and her family. It’s been fun, although I am so tired. We were going to go home this evening but I am so sleepy I can’t drive, so we will leave early tomorrow. Josh has the flu, so he will be sleeping on the way home. Totally fine, I downloaded the soundtrack to Sweeney Todd to my iPhone so I willl sing showtunes at the top of my lungs while he pleasantly slumbers in the back seat…
We spent the weekend watching movies, all of which were pretty decent. We watched Mirrors, Bedtime Stories, and 7 Pounds. the best in my opinion was 7 Pounds, Will Smith plays defeated quite well!

Oh, I also got bored and made a list of baby names for y’all to vote on… Look to the left for a link…

That’s it for now… But I leave you with the YUMMY Johnny Depp in a scene from Sweeney Todd… Enjoy… *

*Yes, I know it’s not exactly Easter-y, but whatever….

Life She Has


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