Black and white interiors don’t have to be boring and here’s the proof!

Fashion can sometimes be really finicky. The greatest trends of today may be completely forgotten in a few months’ time. In case of clothes, there are some timeless items such as a little black dress or a pearl string. And what about interior design? You can’t go wrong with black and white arrangements. But isn’t that idea too hackneyed? On the contrary! With a few unique solutions and several stylish accessories you’ll transform your home into a space of breathtaking beauty. What do you need to change an ordinary living room? Definitely a wall mural, a poster, and a few additional ornaments we’ll mention later on.

Firstly, let’s determine what’s going to be the bread-and-butter of your interior’s metamorphosis – a black and white mural. It’ll allow you to completely change the look of your room in just a few minutes. You can easily apply it yourself by following the provided instruction or hire a professional who does these things every day. Naturally, if you wish to create a truly stunning arrangement, a mural is just the beginning. Ascetic interiors, which include nothing besides the necessary furniture, are slowly but surely becoming passe. You can, therefore, go ahead and grab all the knick-knacks, decorative cushions, ethno-style black and white carpets, or popular typographic posters you want. Interior design stores offer such a variety of products that you’ll surely find something you like. But first, let’s talk murals.    

Designing In Black And White

Geometrical patterns

For all the lovers of modern arrangements, we have a decorative idea that will completely capture your attention. It’s a black and white 3d mural featuring an optical illusion. In order to fully comprehend the nature of this design, you can look up paintings created in the 60s, when the world was dominated by op art, short for optical art. Artists painted monochromatic compositions and arranged the elements in particular orders so that they seemed to be moving, waving, protruding toward the observer, or sinking into the canvas. The images were so captivating they could literally mesmerize a viewer. Imagine what would happen if you used such a design to decorate your whole wall!

Designing In Black And White

It wouldn’t be boring, that’s for sure. Using these images is also a perfect solution if you want to visually enlarge a small room. The idea is undoubtedly very bold. If you’re not fully convinced, you can consider a design with black and white stripes. The effect will be equally excellent but the interior will be a bit more peaceful in character. And what about traditional arrangements? In that case, you’ll enjoy a black and white mural with a Victorian pattern.

Picturesque landscapes

Most of you probably live, work, and spend your free time in cities with little to no contact with nature. Since it’s become so difficult to escape the concrete jungle, invite nature to your home. You just need to find a view that will steal your heart. The variety of available designs makes it easy to find something suitable, regardless of whether you’re a mountain enthusiast, a sea admirer, or the greatest fan of woodlands.

Designing In Black And White

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A black and white tree mural will make your interior more stylish and elegant than its colorful counterpart. Possible designs include an exotic palm on a magnificent beach, a mighty, centuries-old redwood tree, or a simple minimalist drawing. All of the above have the potential to look gorgeous. The key to success is selecting a suitable design that matches the overall style of your living room. When choosing the wall to put up your mural, make sure that the view isn’t obstructed by furniture or other items.

Decorations with a message

Wondering how to complement your mural? One excellent idea to quickly decorate the adjacent or the opposite wall is using posters. Since your interior already includes an expressive accent (a picturesque view or a geometrical pattern), do not introduce a competing design but go for an original quote instead. Typographic posters are still one of the biggest trends, not to mention they look marvelous.  We recommend choosing a large format poster with a catchy quote that will grab your attention as soon as you enter the room. You can opt for expressive printed letters or a typeface which imitates handwriting. And what should it say? Our ideas include: “Dreams don’t work unless you do,” “Enjoy the little things,” “A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear,” or “Everything starts with a dream.” This type of poster doesn’t need special framing. A regular clip frame will work just fine.  

Designing In Black And White

Accessories with character

Is there anything else you can do to make your black and white arrangement more expressive? You could, for instance, decorate the interior with metal ornaments cut in different shapes. Openwork depicting origami-like silhouettes of animals is one of the most interesting recent trends. Any travel aficionado will surely enjoy a map of the world with all the continents made in this style. Other possible decorations include black ottomans (upholstered or with metal frames), a carpet with geometrical patterns, or a baroque-style mirror in an ornate frame. And speaking of luxurious designs such as the mirror, a glass chandelier with crystal beads can be an impressive cherry on top for your monochromatic interior, especially if it’s also black.     

Designing In Black And White

We set out to prove that black and white arrangements don’t have to be boring and we’ve done so. By limiting your options to only two colors, you can create an interior design like no other. Choose an eye-catching mural as the dominant element of your arrangement and complement it with matching accessories to create a dazzling, harmonious whole.