Being so close to the big holiday I am thinking of one thing – FOOD. And not just food… cookies.

I am not a “make it from scratch” kind of girl. Who has time for that? With so many great cookie mixes on the market there’s one I constantly gravitate to, which is Krusteaz. I remember Krusteaz blueberry muffins when I was little, so as an adult I am excited for the entire line of mixes.

Usually every year I try to do some sort of cookie exchange with friends and neighbors, so making it a bit more streamlined is essential to my busy schedule. I LOVE the Krusteaz Sugar Cookie mix, it’s so versatile and very simple to customize. Adding sprinkles to the dough or some orange zest will only enhance the cookies.

Krusteaz is making it even easier with the Cookie Swap Calculator – find out exactly what kind of cookies you should make and swap with your tribe. You can find some delicious recipes on the Krusteaz Blog – including these AMAZING Cranberry Orange Vanilla Cookies which is one of my favorite recipes ever.

You can also bake for less by grabbing some Krusteaz coupons for your next shopping trip.

So what are you waiting for? Everyone loves cookies and you will LOVE using Krusteaz to make it easier and still fun. Find Krusteaz Cookie Mixes and other products in the baking section of your local grocery store.


Thank you to Krusteaz for sending me some mix to create my own recipes! All images courtesy of Krusteaz because my oven broke and I couldn’t bake any of my own…