The bathroom is a difficult room when it comes to cleaning your house. Not only that you will need to spend more time cleaning it, but it also needs to be cleaned more often compared to other areas. If some weeks have passed, it can be hard to get started and decide what to clean first.

Today we are here to share with you a simple guide that should help you get your bathroom squeaky clean. It is important to remain calm and make a small plan before you begin.

Prepare the area

First of all, make sure that the bathroom can be cleaned easily. The first thing that you should do is remove all the items from your bathroom. This includes all the products that you use in the showers, the towels and the rugs as well.

If the towels and the bath mats are dirty make sure that you clean them first. You can put them in a washer if you have one of those. These items are the first ones that get dirty so you should start with them and then begin cleaning your bathroom.

Start dusting

Dust is something that needs to be removed frequently so you should start with that. You can use a simple rag for lower surfaces, but it will be even better if you could get a duster that has a long handle so that you can reach all the corners.

You can use a chair or a ladder if you cannot reach the higher places. Make sure that there is no dust on the floors either. Sweep them or use a vacuum until there isn’t any debris left.

Clean Your Bathroom Like A Pro With These Easy Tips!Clean the tub and the shower

These two are the central pieces in your bathroom so you have to make sure that they are sparkling. However, it takes time to clean them. Therefore, start with those, and apply a cleaner. Usually the cleaner will need time to soak so you can clean the rest of the bathroom instead of waiting around.

After you clean other areas you can return to these. Luckily for you, the cleaner already did its job and you won’t have to put in too much effort. However, if you feel like this entire process takes too much time you can always hire someone like KingofMaids, so that someone else can handle these tasks for you.

Clean the toilet

This one is the nastiest chore, but you must do it. You can delay it and do it at the end though. Use some cleaners for the toilet. You can choose a spray for example, but you should know that it needs to soak as well.

Clean all the other surfaces

Now that you cleaned the important things, remember the smaller ones as well. Use a cloth or a sponge to wipe all the shelves, doors, towel racks and anything else that it is there. Start from one side of the room and then slowly move in one direction.