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Family Feud

I used to watch Celebrity Family Feud when I was younger. Richard Dawson was the host and there were always some funny celebs on. I got to relive those moments LIVE when I was in LA – but this time Steve Harvey took the reigns!

If you have watched Family Feud in recent years, you will know just how funny Steve Harvey is. One thing that struck me – he reminded me to much of the late great Richard Pryor. During a Q&A session he actually said that Richard Pryor was a catalyst for his career, he used to watch him when he was younger and really admired him as a comedian. So it was no surprise that a little bit of Richard made its way to Steve. He’s a really funny guy – I love how quick-witted he is!


We got the the studios and sat down. The stage – OMG the stage was HUGE! It was flashy and bright, looking just like it does on TV. The audience was FULL of excited viewers and we were ready for a fun time. The celebs on were living legends – Vicki Lawrence (Mama’s Family, Carol Burnett Show), and Ed Asner (Mary Tyler Moore, UP). They each played for their charities they chose. Vicki played for Wounded Warrior Project and Ed played for Autism Speaks. The answers were FUNNY – these comedians and their families were pretty hilarious! Although I can’t tell you any details about what was said, who won, etc – I CAN tell you that when the episode airs (tbd) keep an ear out for Ed’s witty and sometimes crass remarks! He’s a funny guy 🙂

After the show taped and the audience shuffled out, we got to stay behind and explore the stage. I KNOW! It was like being on the show itself! It was super fun. We pretended we were contenstants, took some selfies, and had a blast seeing what it was like behind the scenes. Here are a few pics of us goofing around:

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Watch Celebrity Family Feud TONIGHT 6/21 at 8 on ABC!

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